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NEW MUSIC: Cappa and Cruel Youth Debut EPs

New music you’ve gotta hear!

Cruel Youth and Cappa debut solid EPs this week!


First up: Cappa

A relative newcomer, Cappa has a sound that places her alongside the likes of Halsey, Lorde and even Carly Rae Jepsen.


Queen of Hearts will be your anthem for late night makeout sessions in the backseat of your boyfriend’s car. Its latest single “Next Ex” is an amazing track that perfectly introduces Cappa and the EP. Throw on some headphones and frolic around to six sing-along-ready tracks over an ice cream sundae that’s as sweet as Cappa’s music.

Cappa is currently on tour with Matt Wertz! Make sure to grab some tickets in a city near you to catch her live set this Fall! Buy tickets and see the dates: HERE

Listen to Cappa‘s Queen of Hearts via Spotify below:


Next: Cruel Youth

If you’re a fan of Natalia Kills, you’ll recognize the lead singer of Cruel Youth. Natalia Kills, who now goes by the new name Teddy Sinclair, founded Cruel Youth with her husband Willy Moon this year.


+30mg begs its listeners to drown out their problems and surroundings with the hypothetical self-prescription from a handful of oxies. Cruel Youth takes aim at the masochism and vanity of youth and relationships throughout this project. The EP flirts between the lo-fi doo wop of the fifties and current urban beats with songs like “Alexis Texas“. +30mg is a musical experience of escapism and a satisfying piece of work from the band.

Cruel Youth is also touring this Fall in the U.S. and Canada. Get tickets and check out all their dates: HERE

Listen to Cruel Youth‘s +30mg via Spotify below:


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