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Newcomer of the Year: Pia Mia

After achieving her first charting single on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Do It Again,” Pia Mia has proven to be a promising artist to place your bet on for a mainstream breakthrough next year. With a few buzz singles and videos under her belt, Pia has shown that not only can she sing, but she can also DANCE.

Single Cover for Pia Mia’s “Do It Again”
She has over 150 million views on her video for “Do It Again,” and she hasn’t even released her debut album yet. Her latest video “Touch” continues to illustrate how well she fits into the urban pop scene with extended dance routines and enough sex-appeal left to spare. She’s got rooted relationships with current boyfriend and producer Nic Nac, Chris Brown and if it’s any help to her popularity, she also has a BFF in Kylie Jenner.
With one of my favorite summer tracks of 2015 being “Do It Again,” I picked Pia Mia as “The Pop Pyro’s Newcomer of the Year.”

The Pop Pyro’s Pick for “Newcomer of the Year”

Another Notable Newcomer of 2015:

Carmen – “YAS” (You Ain’t Shit)
Carmen is currently readying her first EP for 2016 but she has three songs on her SoundCloud account already that are extremely catchy and will build an appetite for more of her music next year. Click on the link to listen: Carmen – “YAS”

Single Cover for Carmen’s “YAS”