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[Tournament] Round 6: Bebe Rexha vs. dumblonde

The Bubbling-Under Blondes Battle!

You might not be completely familiar with these two songs YET. But soon enough they’ll be heavy hitters in your playlists. Bebe Rexha and dumblonde have yet to make a huge splash into top 40 radio with “No Broken Hearts” and “remember me” but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a listen right now and start a new love affair. The newly blonde Bebe will face the iconic blonde duo dumblonde this round. Listen to their songs below and pick a favorite to move forward in the bracket and battle out one of our big shots!


Are you team Bebe Rexha?




Are you team dumblonde?


bebe dumblonde versus



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The OFFICIAL 2016 Q1 Tournament Post (Updated)

This is the official post for The Pop Pyro’s Q1 Song Tournament.

I will use this post to update the new battles as they are announced over the weekend. Check back here for the latest update on the bracket and find links to each battle’s individual post with videos. Polls for this round end Monday (April 4th) evening!

Here is the current bracket: (Sunday April 3rd)

 Full Round 1 Roster





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Quarter 1: Tournament Roster Reveal

 Let’s choose the QUEEN of 2016’s first quarter of music!

I have a few favorites of my own, if they make it to the year-end list, I will later reveal. But first, I want you all to choose your picks. The songs were chosen from songs released and discussed on The Pop Pyro starting January first through today (March 30th). There are also a few wildcards thrown in. Let’s have a little fun now! The bracket will be revealed each day as I start a new song battle.

Check out 2016’s Q1 roster:

Q1 Lineup

Have any favorites already? Get ready to vote and share to keep them in the tournament! Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more posts!