[Tournament] Round 6: Bebe Rexha vs. dumblonde

The Bubbling-Under Blondes Battle!

You might not be completely familiar with these two songs YET. But soon enough they’ll be heavy hitters in your playlists. Bebe Rexha and dumblonde have yet to make a huge splash into top 40 radio with “No Broken Hearts” and “remember me” but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a listen right now and start a new love affair. The newly blonde Bebe will face the iconic blonde duo dumblonde this round. Listen to their songs below and pick a favorite to move forward in the bracket and battle out one of our big shots!


Are you team Bebe Rexha?




Are you team dumblonde?


bebe dumblonde versus



VOTE EVERY HOUR! Let me know which song you picked on The Pop Pyro‘s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Share the poll to help your favorite win! THE FIRST ROUND OF VOTING ENDS MONDAY APRIL 4th!

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