Eurodiva Song of the Year: “Paper Light”

The Eurovision champion of 2012 continuously proves that Sweden has the best music in the world.

Loreen continues to hypnotize her listeners with her unique sound and euphoric melodies. “Paper Light” picks up exactly where her previous album ‘Heal’ leaves off. This time, Loreen is trading the dark moods for light and love. This song’s lyrics, echoing vocals and dynamic mix of strings and electronic beats sums up everything europop artists are keeping from the US mainstream pop market.
Another strength Loreen has with her music is her captivating live performances. She performed this song for the first time during a round of Melodifestivalen in July and is easily one of my favorite performances this past year. Watch the performance: Click Here

Loreen performing “Paper Light” at Melodifestivalen, July 2015
Before I even had enough of the song, Loreen released the video for “Paper Light” but with an entirely brand new/fresh production. The remix is a complete shakeup for the song and builds its impact to a higher level. The remix gives the ethereal sound of the original a brand new beat and deep urban bounce to its production creating the perfect balance between a house chillout to a dancefloor jump. “Paper Light (Revisited),” the remix title, gives the song’s positive message a broader range of outlets to enjoy. Giving a song a polarizing remix is nothing new, but this song’s implementation of that is far more efficient and effective than any other of its kind. Watch the video: Click Here

Still from Loreen’s music video for “Paper Light (Revisited)”
“Paper Light” is not only one of my favorite songs of the year, its release and promotion was a gift that kept giving and for those reasons, I picked Loreen’s “Paper Light” as “The Pop Pyro’s Eurodiva Song of the Year.”

The Pop Pyro’s pick for “Eurodiva Song of the Year”

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